Exact Imaging’s Response to COVID-19

The world has been and continues to unite to “flatten the curve” of the outbreak of COVID-19.  Exact Imaging began its support of this critical initiative on Friday March 13, 2020.  We have implemented the following measures to ensure we protect and support our customers, employees, suppliers, and business:

  1. Observe Self-Isolation Guidelines – All Exact Imaging employees that recently traveled were instructed to self-isolate for the recommended two-week period.
  2. Work from Home – Exact Imaging has gone virtual and will do so until health officials give us the “all clear” to gather again at our workplaces.
  3. Continuity of Consumable Shipments – We have separated our consumables inventory across four locations to ensure there will always be capability to ship consumables to our customers in the event that one of the locations has to discontinue shipping due to COVID-19.
  4. Rigorous Observance of Travel Bans – While many of our customers have already closed their doors to visitors, we have instructed our employees that all travel bans must be strictly adhered to, and that all travel is suspended until health officials indicate that it is safe to once again travel.
  5. Remote Support is in Place – We are ready and able to provide support to our customers using video sharing technology, e-learning, instruction sets, and several other methods to ensure that customers that are still operating can get the support they need.


COVID-19 is a collective challenge facing our world, and Exact Imaging joins all of you in meeting the challenge head-on.  Continue social distancing, stay safe, and keep moving.  This too shall pass.

Our very best to you and your families from all of us on the Exact Imaging Team.











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