ExactVu Micro-Ultrasound System
Visualization and targeted of small lesion (Gleason 8) with the ExactVu micro-ultrasound.
micro-ultrasound system
for targeted biopsies for prostate cancer
A revolution in ultrasound, operating at 29 MHz
Micro-ultrasound resolution is comparable to MRI and 300% improvement
over conventional ultrasound
Unmatched real-time resolution
Visualize suspicious regions and target biopsies in real-time
PRI-MUS™ risk identification protocol for characterizing prostate tissue
Evidence-based protocol to help quickly identify benign or suspicious regions
and target biopsies accordingly

The world's first


micro-ultrasound system

  1. Breakthrough High-Resolution 29 MHz Transducer
    World’s first high-resolution transducer enabling unmatched resolution and visualization of the prostate and the surrounding anatomy.
  2. Advanced Modes for Multi-Parameter Analysis
    The system is developed to include multiparametric ultrasound capabilities, enhanced by the high-resolution image and its unique rich RF data.
  3. Complete urological platform.
    World’s first system supporting both high-resolution and conventional transducers

    29 MHz transducer for targeted and systematic biopsy procedures.

    Conventional resolution transducers for abdominal imaging (kidney and bladder), testicular imaging and large prostate procedures.
  4. Multi-Function Touch Screen for Advanced Features
    Advanced settings, image controls and extended parameters are easily accessible.
  5. DICOM Compatibility
    DICOM compatibility for access to patient files and data.
  6. Micro Doppler™
    Proportional to its superior resolution, the ExactVu Micro Color and Power Doppler applications have exquisite sensitivity to detect micro-vascular flow and intensity in the prostate.
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ExactVu™ micro-ultrasound system is available for sale in the European Union (CE Mark), the United States (FDA 510(k) clearance), and in Canada (Health Canada license).