ExactVu™ micro-ultrasound system is available for sale in the European Union (CE Mark) and the United States (FDA 510(k) clearance). The product is not yet commercially available in Canada.

Clinical experiences and new possibilities for real-time targeted biopsies using micro-ultrasound

Dr. Sangeet Ghai,
Director, Biopsy Centre
Lead GU Radiologist
Princess Margaret Cancer Center

New clinical possibilities in visualizing detailed prostate anatomy and anomalies with micro-ultrasound

Gregg Eure, M.D., F.A.
Urology of Virginia

The world’s first 29 Mhz micro-ultrasound system

Breakthrough Ultra High-Resolution 29 MHz Probe
World’s first ultra high-resolution probe enabling unmatched resolution and visualization of the prostate and the surrounding anatomy.
Complete urological platform:
World’s first multi-tier system with ultra high-resolution and conventional probes
  • Ultra high-resolution probe for targeted and systematic biopsy procedures,
  • Trans-abdominal probe (for kidney and bladder), and
  • Conventional probe for large prostate procedures.
Advanced Multi-Parametric Modes, Multi-Parameter Analysis:
The system is being developed to include a wide variety of multi-parametric ultrasound capabilities, all enhanced by the ultra high-resolution image and rich RF data.
Advanced Ergonomic Design
Full instrument height adjustment, rotational keyboard, lightweight probe cables and a variety of ergonomic features to suit a wide range of operator preferences and user settings.
Multi-Function Touch Screen for Advanced Features
Advanced settings, image controls and extended parameters are easily accessible.
Simple Keypad, Rapid Workflows
A simplified keyboard and knobology ensures rapid procedural workflow.
Integrated Disposable Needle Biopsy Apparatus
New ultra high-resolution can significantly help the urologist view and target suspicious regions, in addition to performing systematic TRUS biopsy protocols.
ExactVu™ micro-ultrasound system has CE marking (Certificate #649960) for sale in the European Union. The product is not yet commercially available in the US and Canada.
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