ExactVu™ Micro-Ultrasound System Featured Prominently at 5th Multidisciplinary Meeting on Clinical Urology Conference in Bilbao, Spain
Multiple global speakers and live surgery illustrates the clinical benefit that the ExactVu micro-ultrasound is bringing to improve prostate cancer detection
  • High resolution ultrasound with 29 MHz” (Dr. José Gregorio Pereira),
  • Initial clinical experience with Micro-US in a real-life clinical scenario:
    the Humanitas research Hospital series”
    (Dr. Giovanni Lughezzani),
  • Prostate biopsy with Micro-Ultrasound: Our results” (Dr. Andrea Sánchez),
  • How to manage PI-RADS 3 lesions. Can enhanced TRUS solve the problem?”
    (Dr. Georg Salomon), and
  • Will ultrasound replace to magnetic resonance? What can be the current diagnostic algorithm?” (Moderators: Dr. José Gregorio Pereira / Dr. Georg Salomon).

There will also be a live broadcast of high resolution micro-ultrasound biopsy cases moderated by Dr. José Gregorio Pereira and the real-time micro-ultrasound targeted biopsy procedures being performed by Dr. Andrea Sánchez and Dr. Mikel Gamarra.

“With so much growing evidence for the ExactVu platform from multiple sites in so manty different countries, it is exciting to see the rapid adoption of our new technology,” Randy AuCoin, Exact Imaging’s President and CEO, said. “The team at IMQ have been early adopters of our technology and have always had the highest standards in terms of patient care. Creating this Congress is another example of how they are creating open discourse amongst subject matter experts to share best practices, continually improve urological techniques and expertise, and ultimately improve outcomes. We are honored to be included in the clinical program and for our ExactVu platform to be part of their daily workflow for detecting prostate cancer.”

The ExactVu micro-ultrasound and its newest feature, the FusionVu™ micro-ultrasound/MRI fusion application will also be on display in the exhibition area and demonstrated by Medicina Analitica Consumibles MAC S.A., a leading provider of clinical products and Exact Imaging’s exclusive distributor of the ExactVu platform in Spain.








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