New Studies Examine the Use of ExactVu™ Micro-Ultrasound to Improve on Prostate MRI
Clinical evidence for micro-ultrasound is growing exponentially with publications from more than a dozen institutions reporting on more than 3,000 individual biopsy cases.
  • Lughezzani et al. 2020, European Urology Focus:
    The first blinded, prospective, level 1 evidence comparing micro-ultrasound to mpMRI.  Demonstrated identical detection rates for a micro-ultrasound-based biopsy procedure to an mpMRI-fusion-based biopsy procedure. 
  • Klotz et al. 2020, Canadian Urology Association Journal:
    The largest micro-ultrasound study to date with 1040 biopsy procedures across 11 institutions.  Micro-ultrasound demonstrated higher sensitivity and negative predictive value than mpMRI in this real-world registry study (p=0.03). 
  • Wiemer et al. 2020, European Urology Focus:
    Micro-Ultrasound targeted biopsy found a higher-grade cancer in 26% of patients compared to non-targeted samples and MRI targeted samples in this single-center experience. 
  • Cornud et al. 2020, European Radiology:
    A second-look study examining the visualization of mpMRI targets on micro-ultrasound.  When micro-ultrasound was normal, no significant cancer was found in this cohort, however micro-ultrasound did find sites of cancers missed by MRI in 24%. 
  • Socárras et al. 2020, Journal of Urology:
    The Madrid Protocol for transperineal biopsy using both Micro-ultrasound and MRI.  Micro-US found 10% additional csPCa that were missed by all other techniques. 
  • Claros et al. 2020, Journal of Urology:
    Real-time visualization of MRI targets on ExactVu yielded higher rate of csPCa than robotic fusion biopsy (p=0.02). 
  • Harland and Stenzl 2020, Prostate International: 
    A review article summarizing the state of the art in micro-ultrasound, covering comparison to mpMRI as well as utility for staging both prostate and bladder cancer. 
  • Sountoulides et al. 2021, Journal of Urology: 
    Systematic review and meta-analysis of 18 studies covering 1125 biopsy cases concluding that micro-ultrasound-guided biopsy provides comparable detection rates for csPCa diagnosis with the mpMRI-guided biopsy. 
  • Montorsi et al. 2021, Canadian Urology Association Journal:
    Letter responding to Klotz et al. 2020 CUAJ agreeing that micro-ultrasound has the “potential to become the first-level test for patients with a clinical suspicion of prostate cancer,” and confirming that their “initial experience has been similar to that reported” which suggests the results are reproducible and may have low variability between centers. 

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